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The Vaney Hydra Needle is an effective microneedling/microchanneling device used to inject a variety of serums into the skin. This microneedling device contains 20 gold tip needles to produce optimal delivery into the skin. Each needle creates a hole the same thickness as a hair. The microneedling device is most commonly used to deliver cosmetic and hair rejuvenation serum into the skin and can be utilized for stretch mark and scar removal.

The hydraneedle is a 5 ml device which can be used to inject a variety of solutions directly into the dermis of the skin. The 20 pin titanium alloy gold plated needles ensure the highest quality. In addition, the length of each individual needle is 1mm for optimal delivery into the skin. This is a similar device which costs significantly more than the Hydraneedle device.

Hydra Needle 20
Hydra needle is a good method that helps solution take effect inside the skin. It is micro needle device for delivering cosmetic and hair growth solution into the dermis by lightly tapping it on your skin especially around eyes. 20ea of micro needles with the same hair thickness forms fine holes in the skin without pain . Also Special spiral system is designed on each of those micro needles through which the solution flow down and can be transferred into dermis very directly and effectively.

Specifications for Hydra needle 20

Type Microneedle Therapy System
Certification   Medical CE / ISO13485 / RoHS
Model Number VB-HY20
Needle Depth 0.25mm /0.5mm/ 0.6mm/1.0mm/1.5mm
Diameter of Needle  0.13mm
Needle Number 20 needles
Needle Material Titanium + 24K Gold Plated
Disinfection 75% Ethyl Alcohol & Sterile EO Gas
Package 12*8*2.5cm
Weight  21g

Hydra Needle Specifications
0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm Professional Medical Grade Sizes Available
20 individual gold plated needles
Needle material is titanium & 24K gold plated
Special Spiral Groove System delivers PRP and serums directly into the dermis
Plated Disinfection and Sterile EO Gas Package, Single Use Device to provide patient safety and eliminates risk of cross contamination
Can be used for aesthetics, hair restoration, and scar and stretch mark reduction
Package dimensions 12x8x2.5cm (WxDxH)

Benefits of the Vaney Hydra Needle
1. Deeply hydrates and oxygenates dermis and epidermis
2. Brings instant relief by reducing skin trauma post-sun exposure
3. Reduces discomfort of overdried skin (roughness, itching)
4. Restores the mineral and ionic balance of the skin
5. Improves skin hydration from the inside out
6. Activates skin’s self-healing mechanisms against UV, pollutions and allergies (supports immune system of the skin)
7. Reduces deep wrinkles and symptoms of photo-aging and sagging
8. Rejuvenates the skin and improves its complexion
9. Restores skin firming and elasticity
10. Give instant and long-lasting effects!

What serums can I use?
The Vaney Hydra Needle can be used with many custom made solutions and serums including but not limited to the following:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Amniotic Fluid Allograft (AmDropTM)
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamin C
Growth Factors

What is Hydra Needle?
Hydra needle is a good method that helps solution take effect inside the skin. It is micro needle device for delivering cosmetic and hair growth solution into the dermis by lightly tapping it on your skin especially around eyes. 20ea of micro needles with the same hair thickness forms fine holes in the skin without pain . Also Special spiral system is designed on each of those micro needles through which the solution flow down and can be transferred into dermis very directly and effectively.

Feature for Hydra needle 20
* Painless Micro Needle with Screw thread for Direct Drug Delivery
* Stimulate skin cell to induce collagen production for skin regeneration.
* Micro needle is thinner than a human hair so it is No Pain
* The Spiral Groove system for needle is to deliver topical serum into dermis layer directly.

Hydra Needle Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Integrity Hydra Needle work?
The Vaney Hydra Needle contains 20 titanium+gold plated micro needles and a special spiral system designed to allow the solution to flow down and be transferred into the dermis painlessly and effectively.

Why use a hydra needle vs roller?
A hydra needle pierces the skin at a 90°, while a roller pierces the skin at an angle. It is ideal to pierce the skin straight on to ensure the effectiveness of the serum.

What can I do after a microneedling treatment?
After microneedling treatment you should avoid the sun. Do not wear makeup for up to 12 hours. Do not work out immediately after microneedling.

Does microneedling hurt?
When microneedling is performed your skin will first be applied with a numbing cream. At the most it should feel slightly uncomfortable, but not painful.

Function for Hydra Needle 20
1. Deeply hydrates and oxygenates dermis and epidermis
2. Brings instant relief by reducing skin trauma post-sun exposure
3. Reduces discomfort of overdried skin (roughness, itching)
4. Restores the mineral and ionic balance of the skin
5. Improves skin hydration from the inside out
6. Activates skin’s self-healing mechanisms against UV, pollutions and allergies (supports immune system of the skin)
7. Reduces deep wrinkles and symptoms of photo-aging and sagging
8. Rejuvenates the skin and improves its complexion
9. Restores skin firming and elasticity
10. Give instant and long-lasting effects!

Instruction for Hydra Needle 20
1.Wash your skin with warm water.
2.Soak the top of the applicator vial about 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol.
3.Wash the applicator vial with alcohol.
4.Put the essence of the liquid into the applicator vial. Carefully screw the
top back onto the vial. Gently shake the vial 2-3 times.
5.Remove the safety and hygiene cover.
6.Pat the skin surface with the hydra needle gently. Until the essence of
the liquid is fully absorbed by the face.

Hydra needle is a good method that helps solution take effect inside the skin. It is micro needle device for delivering cosmetic and hair growth solution into the dermis by lightly tapping it on your skin especially around eyes. 20ea of micro needles with the same hair thickness forms fine holes in the skin without pain. Also Special spiral system is designed on each of those micro needles through which the solution flow down and can be transferred into dermis very directly and effectively.

Feature for Hydra needle 20
Painless Micro Needle with Screw thread for Direct Drug Delivery.
Stimulate skin cell to induce collagen production for skin regeneration.
Micro needle is thinner than a human hair so it is No Pain.
The Spiral Groove system for needle is to deliver topical serum into dermis layer directly.

Specifications for Hydra needle 20
Model: VB-HN20
Type: Microneedle Therapy System
Certification: CE/ISO13485 RoHS
Diameter of Needle: 0.13ml
Needle Number: 20 needles
Needle Material: Titanium + 24K Gold Plated
Disinfection: 75% Ethyl Alcohol & Sterile EO Gas
Package: 12*8*2.5cm
Weight: 21g

Function for Hydra Needle 20
1. Deeply hydrates and oxygenates dermis and epidermis.
2. Brings instant relief by reducing skin trauma post-sun exposure.
3. Reduces discomfort of over dried skin (roughness, itching)
4. Restores the mineral and ionic balance of the skin.
5. Improves skin hydration from the inside out.
6. Activates skin’s self-healing mechanisms against UV, pollutions and allergies (supports immune system of the skin).
7. Reduces deep wrinkles and symptoms of photo aging and sagging.
8. Rejuvenates the skin and improves its complexion.
9. Restores skin firming and elasticity.

Microneedling Pen | HydraRollers.com

Getting clear skin has never been so easy with a microneedling pen (also known as a derma pen). It can be used to give your skin a smoother and firmer look, hiding the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing out acne scars. There are many different types of microneedling pens on the market today, and finding the one that is best for you just takes some research.

I’ve tested dozens of the leading products on the market to determine the best mircroneedling pens you can buy today.

Note: While there are at-home microneedling pens available for purchase (our recommendations below), using a derma roller is generally considered the cheaper and safer alternative for at-home use. For that reason, I’d recommend trying our top derma roller pick before considering a microneedling pen.

What is a microneedling pen?
Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that could help treat several skin-related problems, including acne scars, wrinkles, and large pores. It is also occasionally used as a treatment for hair loss. A microneedling pen (or dermapen) is a small device that is utilized for the microdermabrasion process, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. These pens vibrate causing their small needles to prick the skin. When used correctly, they can give your skin a tighter and more toned look.

The objective of it is to prick the skin with its needles to enhance the collagen production below the epidermis. The theory behind this is that these small pricks cause the skin to react, and generate more collagen. This process creates new skin cells, helping the skin appear young and luminous.

Microneedling is typically done with the help of a dermatologist, however there are some microneedling pens available to purchase for at-home use. While some patients do report results after one usage, it typically takes several sessions to see a noticeable difference.

The price of a microneedling pen can vary drastically. Some pens we analyzed sold for little as $130. Others came cost several hundreds of dollars to purchase (particularly, professional grade microneedling pens).

The Best Microneedling Pen (For At-Home Use)
If you’re going to use a microneedling pen at home, your options are fairly limited. Most of these products are significantly more expensive than a derma roller, however they do resemble the products you might find a dermatologist’s office. Read on for the best microneedling pens for at-home use and for professionals.

#1 Dr. Pen Ultima X5 LED-screen Display Microneedling Pen

Made up of high-quality material.
Comes with 4 cartridges – two 12 & 36-pins
LED screen speed display to display speed-levels
Comes with replaceable cartridges.
Promotes healthy and glowing skin at home.

According to the reviews…

Ultima X5 micro needling pen comes with four cartridges, two 12-pin and two 36-pin. The LED screen displays the five levels of speed and easy to operate.

Two different pins will give you a customized experience. Use 12-pin on your face for treating skin issues and 36-pin for treating more deeper skin issues like stretch marks. 36-pin is a bit aggressive on the skin, so you should try and decide what works best. You can also adjust the pin length from 0.25mm to 2.5mm.

This device works in eliminating facial wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and also fine lines. You can use it both as a wired and wireless device. It comes with a speed setting and has a digital speed display as well.

Best for: Stretch marks, facial wrinkles and scars

Easy to use.
It has a digital LED screen to display the speed (5 levels)
Can be used wireless or with a cord.
Effective and affordable.

Needs proper charging before use.

#2 Ultima M5 Professional by Dr. Pen (Bang For your Buck)

Can be used for scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks
Can be used as a makeup pen for lip, eyebrows, and covering scars
Comes with sterile and disposable needles
Safe to use and comfortable
Suits sensitive skin

According to the reviews…

Dr. Pen Ultima M5 works best on eyebrows, lips microdermabrasion, and fine hairline. This wireless rechargeable derma pen comes with four nano, one 12-pin, and one 36-pin replacement needle cartridges. It has a length-adjusting dial knob and adjustable speed level.

Some users say that they have tried everything to rejuvenate their skin, but nothing worked until this. It makes their skin look better and younger, just like Med Spa. It suits all skin types, including sensitive ones.

You can use the nanochips as a makeup pen for eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. It is also convenient, hygienic, and easy to use.

Ultima M5 dermapen works effectively on removing scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks, and it also works on removing tattoos as well. It comes with several heads for different purposes.

We recommend using it at low to moderate speed and not go deeper than 1 mm to achieve ideal performance.

Best for: Makeup, fading acne scars, and removing tattoos

Easy to operate and handy.
There is less pain compared to other microneedling pens.
It is economical and user-friendly.
It is effective and comes with adjustable settings.

Takes at least 3 to 4 applications for seeing results.

#3. Hydra Pen H2 Professional Microneedling Pen (Most Innovative)

Formulated with innovative technology that penetrates essence into the skin.
Boosts collagen, reduces wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and solves all other skin issues.
Does not have any side-effects or potential risks.
Offers a risk-free money-back guarantee

According to the reviews…

You can say, this device is an upgraded version of Dr. Pen Microneedling Pen. It is wireless, has a lightweight design, and an LED display of speed. However, there are only 4-speed levels.

You get three pieces of 12 Pins and two pieces of round nano cartridges.

Using this pen before the skincare routine makes the absorption of your skincare products better. It lets you add the serum/essence to the cartridges, so they absorb well.

This device evens out the skin, boosts your natural texture, and also clears skin tone. This easy-to-use microneedling pen helps in treating large pores as well.

Best for: enhancing the absorption of skincare products, those who like innovation

#4. Dr. Pen Ultima A7 (Most Powerful Pen)

Fine 12-pin needles for easy penetration
Built-in bayonet to tightly lock the needle with the device
Bi-directional speed regulator
Comes with a sanitary cover for needle tips
Anti-skid, classy design

According to the reviews…

We think it is the most luxurious device Dr. Pen has ever made! An upgrade to Ultima A6, the Ultima A7 has a gorgeous metal body with a long power cord. The model is corded, so the consistent power allows the pen to support a strong motor than the wireless ones. The operation switch is quite durable.

This microneedling pen comes with 5 cartridges – 12-pin and 36-pin. Needles are thinner, so you can barely feel them (unless you are hypersensitive). They go in and out instead of just vibrating. After using, you will feel the area warm, almost like a sunburn.

The device shows incredible results on fading age spots, acne scarring, and forehead lines.

Best for: Acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone

Which needle cartridges should I go for?
9 pins Acne pit/marks/scars, stretch marks, obesity
12 pins Acne pit, acne marks, deep spot
24 pins Blemishes, under-eye bags and crow’s feet
36 pins Blemishes, hydration, under-eye bags and crow’s feet
42 pins Skin tightening, rejuvenation, under-eye bags, crow’s feet
Nano Uneven skin tone, fine lines, sun spots, acne scars
What should be the needle length for different skin issues?
Note: Do not use a needle depth of more than 1.5 mm at home. If your skin needs longer needles, consider going to a dermatologist.

Skin Issue/ Needle length
Deep acne scars 1.5 mm
Flat acne scars 1 mm
Skin discoloration 0.2-1.0 mm
Wrinkles 0.5-1.5 mm
Sagging skin 0.5-1.5 mm

Why Should You Use A Microneedling Pen?
As already discussed, microneedling pens can help treat several skin and hair issues. A micro-needling pen has several tiny needles that prick your skin, all at the same time.

The process might sound scary, but once you do it, you will instantly realize that this is probably the best thing that has ever happened to your skin.

Microneedling has several benefits for skin and hair. It is effective in reducing the appearance of scars. People who suffer from deep-rooted scars found this therapy helpful as they saw a massive improvement in their scars. This is why you should choose the best Dermapen for home use from all the tons of options available out there.
Works on sunspots by reversing the damage caused by the sun rays.
Fighting pigmentation, dark spots, discoloration and melasma.
Mature skin can benefit from micro needling pen as it corrects and smoothens damaged skin and prevent sagging.
The best microneedling pen improves your skincare game. If you do a session before applying any skin products, then it will enable the products to absorb better into your skin.
You can use these pens all over the body to treat skin issues. However, the only catch is that different parts of the body require different sizes of needles.

Microneedling Pen Buying Guide
Microneedling has become one of the hottest skincare procedure trends. It is a quick solution to skin problems.

And for this, buying a microneedling pen seems to be an affordable option. Therefore, you need to be careful while choosing one because something with so many benefits might also come with inevitable side effects.

There is numerous information on how you should use a dermapen and how frequently. But what no one tells you what you should consider when you are going to buy the best microneedling pen for yourself.

With so many devices and needle sizes out there, it might get confusing. So here we bring you a definite buyer’s guide, which will help you choose the best one. Let’s begin:

Ability and Purpose
Before you hit the market, beginning your hunt to buy the best microneedling pen, you should always keep in mind the purpose of your buy.

Are you purchasing it for cosmetic purpose or you want to target a specific skin issue? No matter how old you are, you can receive benefits from this treatment if you select the correct device.

The quality of the pen should be top-notch. The quality, however, depends on the construction and material. So select a device that is sturdy and durable and also look for the built of it. Abstain from flimsy devices available on unreputed websites and select devices from Amazon or Dr. Pen’s official site.

Look for something which is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hands. Do not go for a bulky and heavy product. Also, look for its usability. It should be perfect for both home and professional use.

Before you buy your ideal device, choose something easy to operate without several complicated methods. Look whether it runs on battery or electricity. Also, look at whether the needle height and speed are adjustable or not.

Whatever microneedling pen you are looking for, it should be easy to store. They always come with cases in which they should be stored. But you should also determine whether you should store it in a warm or cold place or an airy or dry place. You should also look at the safety instructions and keep them away from children.

Side Effects
There are specific common side effects of microneedling, which include redness and swelling. However, you should always look for potential side effects. The side effects are not always easy to determine. But you should look for symptoms such as inflammation or irritation. A slight tingling sensation is also normal, but it should not burn your skin. Any possibility from outside the normal sphere is an area of concern.

Customer reviews are critical if you are buying a microneedling device online. These devices will enable you to choose the best pen for yourself. Customers who review these online sites place their unbiased and honest reviews, which will help your selection process. Buy products that have the maximum number of positive reviews. Also, some customers provide pictures of the products. Go through them to determine whether your product is genuine or not.

When Not to Use A Dermapen?
Microneedling pens are great when you want to beautify yourself or boost your collagen or treat skin issues. However, there are certain times when you should avoid using it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you should never do more than one session a day. It can irritate your skin and increase the risk of infection.
Never use it over your eyelids, as this can cause bleeding.
Do not use the pen when you have active acne or breakouts on your skin. This will spread the acne bacteria all over your skin and cause more breakouts.
If you have any severe skin condition or any health conditions, you should consult your doctor before undergoing any such process.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid undergoing this procedure.
Mistakes To Avoid While Buying the Best Microneedling Pen
Microneedling pens are easily available in the market, and it is effortless to get confused as to which one to buy. In this confusion and desperation, you often end up buying a bad device. It either does not serve the purpose or is not durable and does not stick around for long.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid before you buy a dermapen.

The needle’s size should not be too small as it would not fulfill the purpose of boosting collagen in your skin. It should not be too big either to hurt and damage your skin. The size should be right to serve the purpose.
The needles should be of high quality and should not break easily. The cheap ones are generally flimsy and not durable. Also, they should arrive clean and fully sterilized. They should come in a proper box with a seal to intend never to open or use it.
Research about your Dermapen and look for genuine FDA labels. Several brands sell fake products with fake FDA labels to avoid falling for them.
Always purchase from a good brand. A trusted brand will give you high-quality products and will also enhance the satisfaction of its use. Look for customer reviews while buying online to ensure that the product you are buying is worth it.

How To Use a Microneedling Pen at Home?
An expert generally performs professional treatment, but there are plenty of devices that you can use at home. A micro-needling pen at home is not only cost-effective but also useful.

There are several needles for several purposes, and you need to choose the right size to get the best results. So here are some tips on how you should use a micro-needling device.

#1 Select an appropriate device
Before you begin the process, you need to pick out a device that is best suited for your needs. There are plenty of devices out there in the market, and the derma pens are the most affordable ones. You can use it anywhere on your face and body.

#2 Determine the needle size
Once you have determined your best dermapen for home use device, it is now time to select the needle size. Every purpose requires a different needle size, so it is essential to know your purpose beforehand.

Needles for microneedling range from 0.25mm to 3mm, depending on what you are targeting to treat. 0.25mm to 1mm needles are used to treat wrinkles and fine lines proving to be effective for anti-aging. Needles for treating acne scars require 1.5mm. So, determine your specific concerns or ask a dermatologist for help.

#3 Be careful with the instructions
Before you begin to use a microneedling pen at home, read the instructions carefully. These instructions provide a lot of information on how you should use the device. There are also detailed instructions regarding the storage and cleanliness of it.

Every product is different, so you might want to read the instructions before you begin to work with your device. Depending on the type of device you choose, it might require some minor assembly procedures as well.

#4 Sanitize your device before you use it
Before you begin the whole process, you need to sanitize your device. This will ensure that your device is all clean and free from any germs or bacteria.

Take a bowl and take some rubbing alcohol in it. Immerse the needles into the bowl and leave it for about 2 minutes. Take it out, and it is ready for use.

#5 Start with a clean face
The effective results of any treatment lie at the beginning with a clean canvas. The process is the same for microneedling as well. Remove any makeup from your face and double cleanse your face for the best results. Use a gentle cleanser. This will get rid of all the dirt and grime from your face. Pat dry after cleansing.

#6 Divide your face into sections
After everything is ready, visually divide your face into six sections approximately. The sections should be small and precise. This will ease up your procedure and will also enable you to cover your entire face effectively.

You can also repeat the same procedure for your neck and chest as well if required. Just remember to use it on your upper chest. Do not go beyond that.

#7 Use the roller in all directions
Once you have sectioned, your face begins by using the pen on your face. Pull your skin tight with one hand and use the device with the other. Go in individual sections and use it in every direction. Do not rub the pen too many times in a section. Use the dermapen over each section about ten times and not more than that.

#8 Apply minimum pressure
Do not use too much pressure while working with derma rollers. Be light and gentle. You do not want to hurt yourself while doing this treatment. It is normal to feel a little pain initially, but it will subside a little later. You can also apply a numbing cream 30 to 40 minutes before a microneedling session. Your skin should feel the pressure but not too much to cause bleeding.

#9 Lift your roller while changing directions
Once you are done with one direction, it is essential to lift your roller and then begin in another direction entirely. Do not change positions or drag the roller from one direction to another while the roller is still in contact with your skin. This might result in tearing off your skin’s dermis layer, causing damage to the skin barrier.

#10 Post-treatment care
Once you are done with your treatment session, avoid washing your face for six to eight hours. It is normal to have red skin post-treatment. So allow your skin to rest and breathe before applying anything to it. Also, avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours. Be sure to keep your skin protected from the sun and wear sunblock if you need to go out in the sun.

#11 Sanitize your device
Post your treatment wash your needles in warm water, and disinfect it. For this again, take some rubbing alcohol in a bowl and immerse your roller for a few minutes. It is essential to keep your it sanitary and clean. This will remove any bacteria that it might have picked up from your skin.

#12 Keep the device back in the case
After you have disinfected and sanitized your device, put it back in its original case. This will keep the device clean and will also ensure the safety of your needles. The needles might break or get damaged when left in the open. It might also get in touch with bacteria from the air.

Before and After Care
Due to its increasing popularity and low cost, people are enthusiastic about using these pens on their skin.

Since this procedure provides so many benefits, people are buying to use at home. But every treatment has a procedure, and there are pre and post-care.

Therefore, we will share some precautions and preparations before and after using a microneedling pen, guaranteeing proper recovery and eliminating the risk of any infection and complications.

Before Using a Microneedling Pen
It is essential first to choose the right device. There are several options available, and they all range from different price points.
There are also several needle sizes, which all serve a different purpose. You always need to find a needle to suit your goal while selecting a micro-needling pen at home.
Once you have selected your device, clean your face, and remove any makeup traces to begin the procedure. This will avoid any chance of infection.
Avoid using a microneedling pen if you have active acne on your face. Doing this will increase your inflammation and spread the acne bacteria over your face, causing more breakouts.
Before you begin the procedure with your pen, research the procedure thoroughly. Every device has a different procedure. So read the instruction that comes with your device. It will give you an idea of how to use the pen.
Do not use any products or skincare before the session. If any need occurs, you might use a numbing cream to subside the tingling sensation, which is often caused by microneedling.

After Using A Microneedling Pen
Don’t wash your face for at least 24-48 hours. After this period, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face, and always remember to wash your hands before touching your face. Let your skin air dry. Avoid rubbing or pulling your skin.
After the specified amount of time, use serums, which will soothe and heal your skin. Use Hyaluronic acid or ceramides in your moisturizers or creams as it will restore the balance of your skin and hydrate your skin. Also, make sure to consume plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and heal your skin.
Microneedling session boosts the collagen production in your skin. So taking collagen supplements during this time can double the benefits.
Make sure to use sun protection after the session. This is very important because microneedling can make your skin sensitive to the sun. At this time, your skin is more prone to get damaged by the harmful rays of the sun. To stay protected, use sunscreen with a broad spectrum of at least 50 SPF so that all your efforts are not wasted.
Allow your skin to breathe and heal. Avoid using physical and chemical exfoliators. Also, do not use toners that contain alcohol. This can damage the skin barrier, which is already vulnerable. Also, avoid using makeup for at least a week after the session.

1. What does a Dermapen do for your skin?
Dermapen is used in micro needling, and it is used to increase the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is the building protein of our skin, which maintains our skin’s elasticity and keeps it youthful, firm, and tight. Dermapen facilitates new skin tissue growth, which reduces wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and acne scars. It is, however, not a quick fix and requires patience to see visible results.

2. Does it hurt?
The hurting factor depends entirely on the size of the needles of your microneedling device. The dermapens available at home to use do not generally have long needles that do not usually hurt. However, if you are using needles of 1.5mm or longer, then it might hurt, and you might want to use a numbing cream before you begin the procedure. Longer needles can also cause bleeding, but it is all normal.

3. How often should you use a microneedling Dermapen?
Your micro needling session should not comprise more than one session in a day. If your treatment is mild, you can repeat it after every 2-3 weeks, but you might want to wait for 4-6 weeks before you can begin another session if your treatment is severe. It is also best for people with highly sensitive skin to undergo the procedure after a 4-6 week wait time.

4. Does Dermapen work for all skin types?
Yes, it works for all skin types. This is because it is not laser treatment or light therapy and does not involve harsh chemicals or procedures. It does not also damage the skin barrier and the epidermis layer of the skin. This makes it safe to be used by every skin type and on all sorts of problems.

5. Is peeling of the skin after using okay?
Yes, it is normal for the skin to peel after a microneedling session. This is because the needling of the skin causes several punctures in the face. The old skin is shed, and new skin starts to appear. This is why you feel that your skin is peeling. It is the dead skin falling off and usually subsides within a few days.

6. How long does it take to see results from micro-needling?
Microneedling is not an overnight process, and you need to be patient to see the results. In some patients, the results are almost immediate, while for others, it takes some time. It all depends on how quickly your skin responds to the healing process and how soon collagen works in your skin.

7. How long does it last?
The time frame for the exact effects of a microneedling session depends on your age, skin issues, skin type, and how well your skin responds to the treatment. However, one round of treatment’s initial effects lasts on an average of about 4-6 weeks in most people. However, the effects are not permanent, so you need to be consistent with following this treatment. The results are generally long-term, and you can start to notice them within a week.

8. Skin pen vs. Dermapen
Skin Pen is a microneedling device that has numerous small needles that puncture holes in the skin. This causes minor skin injuries, which allow the skin to respond to it and start the healing process, thereby boosting collagen production.

Dermapen is another microneedling device that works in the same manner. However, many have noticed great results with dermapen. The needles are surgical and sterilized and can be disposed of after use. It has 12 needles for faster oscillation and can easily glide onto the skin. The needles are also adjustable, which allows you to get customized treatment. Dermapen also gives more consistent results than Skin Pen.

9. Dermapen vs Derma roller
Both Dermapen and rollers are microneedling devices and work by creating minimal injuries on the skin’s epidermis so that the skin responds to healing. Both work by boosting collagen production in the skin. However, there are some differences.

Dermapen can often reach the areas where rollers are hard to use. You cannot safely treat the area around the eyes, nose, and mouth with derma rollers as they can be quite harsh or abrasive. But the professional microneedling pen quickly targets those areas.

Dermapen provides customized treatment as it can reach several depths, which is impossible with derma rollers. It penetrates the skin vertically, which causes less epidermal damage, while rollers penetrate the skin at an angle, creating more chances of damage. Dermapen also provides more precise results than derma rollers.

10. How much does a Dermapen cost on average?
The cost of a good quality microneedling Dermapen can be anywhere from between $100-$250 on average.

11. What are the side effects of microneedling?
Microneedling does not have any potential side effects. The usual effects include redness, bleeding, and peeling. In some cases, it can also cause irritation and inflammation. If you treat your skin with active acne, then it might cause infection as well.

Severe side effects might occur if you opt without even being an ideal candidate for the procedure. These conditions include:

Open wounds
Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
History of scars in the family
Recently underwent radiation therapy

12. What should you put on your face after microneedling?
As a rule of thumb, use mild products that aren’t harsh on the skin. Here’s a guide on the products you should use after microneedling treatment.

13. Microneedling vs. Botox
While both are popular choices for those looking for anti-aging treatments to improve skin, it depends on what you are looking forward to achieving.

Botox involves injections and fillers to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that do not directly treat the skin’s surface. In contrast, microneedling punctures the skin to stimulate new cells’ growth, even in those hard-to-reach areas.

While both are safe choices, microneedling treats skin on a deeper level. It’s always best to consult an esthetician when deciding your ideal treatment.

Final Word
With time, scars can fade on their own. However, some scars are quite nasty and can get permanent if you don’t treat them.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and other anti-aging issues are inevitable. They will come with age, but you can delay the process. Most anti-aging serums do not produce the necessary effects, and this is why this minimally invasive procedure is helpful.

Microneedling is an excellent option to try once you have weighed all others. As per these best microneedling pen reviews, we provided some of the best devices for home and professional use for estheticians.

Best At-Home Microneedling Pens – HydraRollers Buying Guide

Want to treat your skin at home but confused about choosing the best microneedling pen?

If you are not familiar with microneedling, it is invasive collagen-inducing therapy that uses needle-loaded vibrating pens, aka derma pens. It is usually professionally done at a skin clinic.

If you’ve ever had a micro-needling session you know that it is expensive. However, it’s totally worth it. The good news is, you can do it at home.

To help you choose the perfect device for your skin, we’ve reviewed the best ones available in the market.

Before we dive into the microneedling pens, let’s clear the basics.

What is Microneedling Pen?
Microneedling pens vibrate and have smalls needles on them that prick the skin. These pens are minimally invasive and are used to generate new collagen production in the skin and give it a more tight, toned, and firm appearance.

Microneedling pen is mostly used on people who have certain skin conditions and generally considered safe for healthy people.

This cosmetic procedure can help treat skin-related issues and even work on hair issues, such as hair loss and balding.

The idea behind puncturing the skin is that the slightest injury to the skin done by the needles can make the skin respond to produce more collagen. This process generates new skin cells that are responsible for youthful skin.

The pricking boosts collagen production in the skin. Estheticians perform the procedure, and it will require several sessions to see the actual results.

The cost per session is somewhere between $200 to $800, which is quite a lot. This is why we have brought this guide, which features some of the best Dermapens for home use.

The devices are so professional – professionals and estheticians can use them without second thoughts.

Which is the best Dermapen? – Top 3 Editor Picks
1/ New Arrival Variable Speed Dr pen M8 Micro Needle derma pen 6 speeds new 16 pins Microneedling Dermapen
2/ Electric Micro Needle Therapy System Derma Roller Dermapen Microneedling Pen Mesogun
3/ Rechargeable Dermapen Electric Derma Pen With 7 Led Light Photon Therapy

What is the best Microneedling Pen on the market
#1. Dr. Pen M8 with 16-pin (Best Cosmetic Microneedling Pen)
Ideal for face and neck for scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.
Digital LED screen for speed display
Exclusive 16-pin cartridges
Safe and hygienic to use and comfortable.
Can be used wireless and with a cord.

According to the reviews…

You’ll love it because it is probably the best dermapen for a beauty regimen that involves using it on the face and neck, and you won’t mind paying extra for this. You will need different depths on different parts of the face – the forehead doesn’t need you to go deeper than the rest of your face.
It is easy to hold, sturdy, and the RPM is 1000 to 16000, making it well functional. The battery lasts around 4 hours.
It comes with two 16-pin needles that aren’t slippery like others (you get 12 needles when you purchase it from the official Dr. Pen site). Since the needles are thin and closely fit the skin surface, it is not recommended to go deeper than .5.
You can adjust the pin length between 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm maximum, and it’s better to start low and work your way up.
Since it may hurt a little, you can apply a numbing cream before using this dermapen.
Dr. Pen M8 is a favorite and professional microneedling pen because it works effectively on wrinkles, scarring fine lines, crow feet, and sagging thin lips.
Best for: Face and neck for scars, fine lines, and wrinkles

#2. Dr. Pen Ultima M7 Professional (Pocket Friendly)
It can be operated as both wireless and wired.
Comes with adjustable cartridges.
It uses batteries.
Electric shock-proof
According to the reviews…

Ultima M7 is the best dermapen for home because it works on almost all skin issues like scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

It is easy to use as it comes with two rechargeable batteries. Needle sizes and speed levels are adjustable according to your needs.

The dermapen uses adjustable cartridges, which you can change after every use. The device vibrates and you need to stamp it on the skin.

Dr. Pen Ultima M7 can improve skin texture, aging spots, stretch marks, and skin sagging.

It is a perfect, budget-friendly dermapen compared to other ones that save you time and money spent in the clinics, and you can do it at the comfort of your home.

Best for: Improving skin texture, aging spots and saggy skin.

Easy to use and operate.
Has an adjustable dial for in-depth performance.
Doesn’t cause bruising, discoloration, and spots after using
The needles penetrate faster, so there is less pain involved.

The packaging can feel slippery when used for a long time.

#3. Dr. Pen Ultima A6 (Professional Microneedling Pen for Estheticians)

Comes with a total of 24 cartridges – ten 36-pin, ten nano-pin, and four 12-pin.
Needles are completely sterilized.
Uses rechargeable batteries.
Can be used as both a wireless and a wired device.

According to the reviews…

This variant of Dr. Pen Ultima A6 is an all-in-one microneedling kit, and it is the best dermapen for estheticians and home.

It comes with 24 cartridges, of which ten are 36-pin, ten are nano, and four are 12-pin, which leaves you free from all the worries. It has nanotips, which provide smooth and glowing skin. The cartridges are Certified Sterile by the ETO sterilization process.

Busy aestheticians and spa technicians use this kit as it contains most of Dr. Pen’s cartridges. If you’re tired of shelling out money for these sessions and want an at-home experience, go for this one. With so many varieties of cartridges, you can experiment.

After a few weeks of the treatment, it gives a BB-cream-like appearance to the skin. Moreover, it repairs and rejuvenates the skin like no other.

This derma pen comes with disposable cartridges that can work on acne pit, wrinkles, hair problems, etc. It comes with two rechargeable batteries. This microneedling device is multi-functional and can also be used as a wireless device.

Best for: Professionals and skin enthusiasts for treating almost all skin issues within the scope of microneedling treatment.

#4. Dr. Pen Ultima A1 (Most Popular)

Comes with two 36-pin cartridges
You can use it for scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks
Offers up to 3 mm depth
Comes with a pen keeping bag and storage box
Wired with 2 meters cord

According to the reviews…

Give your derma roller a break because this budget-friendly model is probably the best for your cosmetic needs.

It has a length-adjustable dial and knob, which you can customize as per the requirements. The speed setting can be adjusted to 5 settings and is 8000 to 18000 RPM. Use this dermapen carefully since it can get deep into the skin. Unlike other pens, it can go 3 mm deeper.

Since it’s made of medical-grade material, it’s safe and hygienic to use. It is effective in fading acne scars and those who have used it, noticed 50% of the scars disappear after the third-time use.

It works equally great on wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and dark spots. Not only that, but it also increases skincare product absorption.

Best for: Acne scars, enlarged pores and dark spots

PRP With DermaPen – Dermapen Microneedling Treatment

DermaPen Treatment – PRP
Safer and more effective in piercing the skin than traditional skin needling rollers
Has a superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation
Multi-speed and adjustable needle depth
Highest effectiveness
Effectively treat hard-to-reach places
Promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction

PRP + DermaPen Micro-needling is used for Collagen Induction Therapy

PRP is placed on top of the skin and DermaPen micro-needling rejuvenates and regenerates larger areas (fine wrinkles, under eye circles, forehead, hands, chest, and skin pigment problems). Micro-needling is a new way to make collagen. Dermapen disperses PRP into the Epidermis and Dermis which allows for a larger coverage area. PRP + DermaPen is unique, safe, and no other anti-aging procedure offers an entire face regenerative approach with ONE VISIT.

Ideal applications:
1. Entire face including Under Eye areas such as Dark Circles
PRP with Dermapen treats dark circles and pigment changes. Fillers and even expensive face lifts are less effective. The skin changes under the sensitive eye areas are due to thinning of collagen. It is dangerous to inject manufactured fillers in those areas. Adverse reactions such as blindness, bluish skin, lumps, sinus damage, and even brain infections may result.
2. Pigment and Skin Discoloration for Face and Entire Body
3. Scarring
4. All Over Glow
5. Chest and Neck Wrinkles, Pigment Changes, and Fine Wrinkles

The process called Collagen Induction Therapy is used to improve:
• Texture and tone
• Surface scarring
• Fine wrinkles

Not all micro-needling devices are equal. Some are dangerous and others are ineffective. Doctors still continue to use Eclipse Micropen. Eclipse Micropen was pulled off the market in 2016 after the concern of Eclipse damaging vessels and nerves. It’s not longer allows to be sold in the US!
FDA warns Eclipse Aesthetics on MicroPen Personal Dermabrasion Device

* Our Dermapen is the best on the market. It is the only safe option.

Vampire Facial – PRP with Microneedling using Dermapen

The addition of PRP essentially supercharges the healing and collagen production process. After DermaPen has made microchannels, Dr. Anderson applies the PRP, which has been drawn from your own blood and centrifuged prior to the procedure. The combination of micro needling and PRP stimulates new collagen, increase blood flow, decrease scars, refine pores, decrease pigment irregularity, and give a healthy glow.

Face Lift – Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) PRP Dermal Fillers “Vampire Face Lift”

PRP cellular Fibrin Matrix with Growth Factors provides blood flow stimulators to the injured area and stem cells are injected into scar tissue to rebuild collagen, break down adhesions, and increase circulation to injured area which promotes healing.

Regenerate and restore! All natural, safer alternative to other fillers. The Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix “Vampire Facelift” technique is your body’s dermal filler rich with skin growth factors and stem cells.The PRP dermal filler is developed from the patient’s own blood on the day of the procedure and is injected IN THE SAME TECHNIQUE as manufactured fillers into the problem areas. The PRP filler repairs and regenerates skin laxity, wrinkles, uneven pigment, scars which manufactured fillers do not do. PRP contains growth factors for fibroblasts (skin), vascular endothelial (blood supply), epidermal (skin), and stem cells (tissue making cells). This stimulates skin to regenerate. PRP is from your own body, so rejection is almost nil. PRP has a smooth consistency, no lumpiness, no formulation of hard granulomas, no blue blobs on skin, no migration of hard substance on face, no blocking arteries and no causing of a stroke.

Traditional fillers can cause the following: lumps (common), Tyndall effect (blue discoloration skin), rejection, allergic reaction, blindness, migration of filler causing deformities, granulomas. The benefits of fillers last a few months. When there are problems with fillers, it may be irreversible.

‘Vampire Face-Lift’ Uses Patient’s Blood to Smooth Out Wrinkles – ABC News

Why do PRP Face Lift with Fibrin Matrix?
A PRP treatment for facelift is a good option for individuals who want to fill in wrinkles as well as sunken parts of the face or add volume without the use of artificial fillers. PRP facelift technology is known also as Selphyl. It is used for glabellar lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, smile lines, forehead lines and vertical lip lines “smokers lines”.

Why Choose PRP FaceLift or PRP + DermaPen over Surgical Facelift?
Facelift Surgical $6,000-$15,000; PRP averages around $1000/procedure.
Surgery – Down Time 1-2 weeks. PRP can go to work same day.
Surgery Pain High. PRP Minimal.
Additional costs including surgery suite, anesthesia, overnight hospital stay, and a required driver are added costs and inconveniences in comparison to the minimally invasive PRP procedures.
Facelift surgical risks include infection, disfigurement, nerve damage, permanent hair loss, skin flap necrosis, parotid gland pseudocyst, significant pain, risk of rejection and other wound healing problems.

Surgical Facelife vs. PRP, What does it Treat?

Dark Circles – Surgical – NO! PRP – YES!
Skin Discoloration – Surgery Causes Scars – NO! PRP – YES!
Skin Discoloration Surgery – NO! PRP – YES!

Contraindications to Procedures
Heavy Smokers, alcoholics, people with poor nutrition may have limited benefit. Individuals with sepsis, platelet problems, chemotherapy (cancer), severe liver problems, HIV, and hepatitis are not a candidate. Dr. Anderson will determine whether or not it’s a safe therapy for an individual. It is thus extremely important that you fully disclose all of their medical conditions so she can make a safe recommendation regarding treatment.

How many Treatments?
PRP Increases collagen production, decreases pigment irregularity, decreases or eliminates dark circles, fills in wrinkles by producing collagen and increasing blood supply. Makes healthier tissue from inside out. Many people who opt to undergo PRP therapy may require between two and three treatments. The amount of treatments depend on the original damage to the tissue, area of treatment, and desired outcome. The results from a PRP procedure have a longer lasting effect and promote healing the safe and natural way. Individuals interested in getting multiple injections can do so safely and as often as needed.

Facial Scar Removal 20 microneedles hydra needles

Hydra needle is micro needle device for delivering cosmeceutical and hair growth solution into the dermis by lightly tapping it on your skin especially around eyes. 42ea of micro needles with the same hair thickness forms fine holes in the skin without pain . Also Special spiral system is designed on each of those micro needles through which the solution flows down and can be transferred into dermis very directly and effectively. This special needle system helps a solution take its effect perfectly inside skin.

1. Anti Wrinkle / Anti Aging Treatment
2. Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
3. Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration (used with Minoxidil 5%)
4. Scar Removal – including acne scar removal
5. Skin Smoothing
6. Stretch Mark Removal / Treatment
7. Real people. Real results.

Introduction for Fine Touch Applicator Hydra Needle 20
Hydra needle is a good method that helps solution take effect inside the skin. It is micro needle device for delivering cosmetic and hair growth solution into the dermis by lightly tapping it on your skin especially around eyes. 20ea of micro needles with the same hair thickness forms fine holes in the skin without pain . Also Special spiral system is designed on each of those micro needles through which the solution flow down and can be transferred into dermis very directly and effectively.

Feature for Hot Sale hydra Stamp Mesotherapy Serum
* Painless Micro Needle with Screw thread for Direct Drug Delivery
* Stimulate skin cell to induce collagen production for skin regeneration.
* Micro needle is thinner than a human hair so it is No Pain
* The Spiral Groove system for needle is to deliver topical serum into dermis layer directly.

1. Deeply hydrates and oxygenates dermis and epidermis
2. Brings instant relief by reducing skin trauma post-sun exposure
3. Reduces discomfort of overdried skin (roughness, itching)
4. Restores the mineral and ionic balance of the skin
5. Improves skin hydration from the inside out
6. Activates skin’s self-healing mechanisms against UV, pollutions and allergies (supports immune system of the skin)
7. Reduces deep wrinkles and symptoms of photo-aging and sagging
8. Rejuvenates the skin and improves its complexion
9. Restores skin firming and elasticity
10. Give instant and long-lasting effects!

User Instruction for Hydra Needle 20
1.Wash your skin with warm water.
2.Soak the top of the applicator vial about 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol.
3.Wash the applicator vial with alcohol.
4.Put the essence of the liquid into the applicator vial. Carefully screw the
top back onto the vial. Gently shake the vial 2-3 times.
5.Remove the safety and hygiene cover.
6.Pat the skin surface with the hydra needle gently. Until the essence of
the liquid is fully absorbed by the face.

1.Do not share hydra needles with other person for hygiene.
2.Keep the hydra needle always clean. Clean the hydra needles after using.
3.Please place hydra needle be out of children`s reach.

What is Dermapen Skin Needling? – Is Dermapen Skin Needling safe?

What is Dermapen Skin Needling?
Dermapen is our No.1 Anti-Ageing treatment and uses advanced skin needling technology, to stimulate collagen production and skin cell renewal – resulting in smoother and more youthful looking skin.

Erase your skin’s past with our most popular anti-ageing treatment. Dermapen uses advanced skin needling technology to stimulate the production of collagen, creating smoother, healthier skin. It reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and scarring with less down time and better results than ever before.

Dermapen Skin Needling is a popular and innovative anti-aging and scar improvement procedures designed to rejuvenate the skin. As the name suggests, Dermapen is a small, pen-like tool which delivers multiple tiny punctures to the skin. While it’s small in stature the Dermapen is big on results! Micro needling devices are proven to be an effective treatment for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, treating acne scars, improving skin texture, minimising pores and providing overall rejuvenation of the skin.

Dermapen is Ideal for
The result is a skin resurfacing effect which also improves many skin conditions such as:
redness from rosacea and acne scarring,
rough skin texture,
uneven skin tone,
enlarged pores,
fine lines and wrinkles,
loss of elasticity

How does Dermapen work?
Suitable for all skin types, the Dermapen works at a precise needle depth, rapidly penetrating the skin to produce tiny micro punctures. This technique stimulates the skin’s natural healing process to produce the two proteins needed for supple, smooth and youthful skin – collagen and elastin. But don’t worry if you are needle-phobic, the microneedles contained within the Dermapen are so tiny you won’t see them.

Dermapen provides incredible anti-ageing, scarring and skin rejuvenation results due to its patented micro needling technology.

The Dermapen is a small, pen-like device containing many tiny needles. They vibrate and penetrate the skin at extremely high speed, creating 1296 tiny micro channels in the skin every second. By creating these micro-injuries, the skin’s natural healing process is activated, stimulating new collagen and elastin production.

How effective is Dermapen?
The Dermapen treatment is a natural, mechanical process which works effectively without the use of chemicals for noticeable results. Skin is clearer, firmer and more toned with less fine lines, wrinkles, redness and visible scarring after a series of Dermapen treatments.

Is micro needling good for your skin?
Skin needling stimulates collagen, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin tone and refine pores. Acne scarring and redness will also benefit from micro needling, as well as improving overall skin texture and quality. A Dermapen treatment generates new collagen for smoother, firmer skin. The process also helps the skin to better absorb your skincare products for ongoing healthier skin.

What are the side effects?
Possible side effects including slight swelling, temporary discomfort, minor redness, possible, bruising, dryness and light flaking.

Is Dermapen good for acne?
Dermapen is not the ideal treatment if you have active breakouts although is ideal once you have cleared your skin, this treatment can help improve the appearance of acne scarring. In the same way that the Dermapen improves the appearance of ageing through increased collagen and elastin production these also help to reduce and rebuild acne scars.

Is Dermapen Skin Needling safe?
There are no chemicals or ingredients used that sensitive skin may react to, it is a mechanical procedure which stimulates the skin’s natural healing process through collagen induction therapy. Dermapen Skin Needling is considered safe for all skin types as it doesn’t use any products or active ingreditents this treatment stimulates your bodies natural healing process and requires little to no downtime post treatment. However is not recommended in conjunction with some acne medications or If you have psoriasis, eczema, open wounds or active cystic acne, keloid scarring or if you are pregnant.

How painful is this treatment?
Dermapen treatments can cause some discomfort. Although numbing cream is used for many other skin needling treatments, the vibrating effect of the Dermapen interrupts the pain receptors in the skin which makes numbing cream unnecessary. The Dermapen isn’t rolled or dragged across the skin like a dermal roller, so the microscopic punctures it makes are clean, direct and cause little to no pain because there is no tearing of the epidermal layers.

How many treatments will I need?
Everyone’s skin is different, and the Dermapen treats a range of skin concerns so the number of micro needling treatments needed will vary from person to person. We recommend repeating your Dermapen treatments every 4-6 weeks until you achieve your desired results. For scar reduction an average of three to six treatments are normally recommended with lasting results commonly seen six treatments.

What will my skin look like straight after my treatments?
Directly after a treatment your skin may appear flushed, with slight redness and possible mild swelling. Depending on the intensity of the treatment you may also experience light flaking. The majority of the redness and swelling should subside within 24 hours with the average healing process being two to five days.

How can I maximise results
Skin needling and Radio Frequency (RF) are skin treatments usually performed separately to induce new collagen production. We recommend combining Dermapen Skin Needling and RF Skin Tightening together in a single treatment to maximise their effects. RF treatments work by generating heat which also stimulates new collagen production, so by combining the two you can get even more effective results even faster.

How long do Dermapen results last?
Everyone’s skin is different. Generally, you should see the Dermapen beginning to work as your skin starts to heal within four to seven days after your first treatment. Within four to six weeks you are ready for your next session where the positive results will then begin to become cumulative as your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen is stimulated. Another benefit of Dermapen treatments is that the renewed skin is better able to absorb the nutrients from your skincare products, so they work more efficiently and cost-effectively for ongoing results.

After care instructions
Your Clear Skincare therapist will provide post-treatment instructions and recommend home-care products to continue your treatment at home.

Immediately After Treatment
Your skin may feel hot for up to 24 hours post treatment. You may experience slight swelling and puffiness particularly around the eyes. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Your skin should be kept dry for 6 hours post-treatment.

1-3 Days
Redness should subside. Possible tenderness and peeling or flaking may begin to occur. Swelling should start to subside. Gently wash with cool water and Clear Skincare Gel Cleanser. Apply Clear Skincare Copper Peptide Serum to aid the healing process.

5-7 Days
Continue use of recommended Clear Skincare products with active ingredients. Wait two weeks before proceeding with any other treatments. Avoid sun exposure.

Dermapen Skin Needling – What is Dermapen Microneedling?

Dermapen micro-needling is one of our most popular anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments. Dermapen skin needling stimulates the production of collagen to create smoother, healthier skin. It reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and scarring with less down time and better results than ever before.

Dermapen Microneedling
Facial skin is a sensitive part of the body that needs care. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the skin of your face is smooth, glowing, and lively all the time. Age and growing level of pollution can take a toll on the health of your skin, rendering it dull, full of scars and wrinkles. But what if we tell you that there is a way out from it? Yes, there is one such therapy, known as Dermapen Microneedling, that helps in tightening and rejuvenating your skin.

Dermapen is a revolutionary skin needling technology that stimulates collagen production and new skin cell renewal by making thousands of micro-punctures to the skin. This form of skin rejuvenation smooths away fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and improves the appearance of acne scars.

While the Dermapen is a highly effective anti-ageing treatment for your face, it is also ideal for your neck and decolletage where the visible signs of ageing, acne scarring, rosacea and pigmentation can also be obvious.

Dermapen is a cost-effective upgrade option, including the neck and chest with your facial treatment.

What is Dermapen Microneedling?
Catering to the health and appearance of your skin, Dermapen Microneedling is a revolutionary skin treatment that accelerates the production of natural Collagen and promotes scar-less healing. Evident from the name, it is done with the help of Dermapen, which is a fractional microneedling device that is used to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate your skin.

Two aspects of Dermapen microneedling help it stand out from other similar treatments in the world of dermatology. First of all, it can reach various difficult-to-get-around areas of the face such as the crevices around the nose, lips, and eyes. Secondly, unlike most other forms of skin treatments, it brings minimal side-effects to your skin.

In this treatment, your old scar tissues are broken down and new skin cells are stimulated for proliferation. This results in the creation of collagen and elastin in your tissue layer, both of which are responsible for smooth, supple skin. Besides, it also improves blood supply, which contributes to the overall glow of your skin.

The benefits of Dermapen Microneedling are multi-fold. Take a look at the various skin problems that can be solved with this new-age technology.
Dark spots
Acne scars
Trauma scars
Surgical scars
Keloid scars
Fine lines
Dilated pores
Stretch marks
Crow’s feet
Dark circles
This skin treatment helps you get younger-looking skin by the end of the entire process since it makes your skin smoother and firmer thereby adding glow to your face.

How does Dermapen Microneedling Work?
Dermapen is a microneedling pen that has a unique spring-loaded needle tip that helps resolve your skin issues. Consisting of 11 ultra-fine sterile stainless steel needles, the Dermapen is injected into the skin to create tiny punctures that lead to minor surface bleeding.

However, there is no need to worry! Since the needles prick only the layers of the skin, you will experience minimal pain, and sometimes, it is even negligible. To be specific, the punctures are created on the dermis (inner layer of your skin) and the epidermis (outer layer of your skin) of the affected area. For people with high sensitivity towards pain, a numbing cream is applied to minimalize the sensations.

This microneedling process employs an automated vibrating stamp-like motion to create the punctures. The highly-controlled nature of Dermapen makes it medically safer than other forms of microneedling treatment.

The punctures, created in the affected areas are essentially like wounds. As they heal, collagen starts forming, thereby resulting in smoother and thicker skin. This treatment accelerates the collagen and elastin production process. Since the human body tends to produce less collagen as it ages, this is considered one of the major benefits of this treatment. The process also encourages the innate ability of your body to heal itself.

Microneedling Treatments
The Dermapen microneedling pen provides an unparalleled response through the segmented delivery of microneedles, creating micro injuries to the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (the inner layer of skin). As a result, the micro injuries encourage the body’s innate ability to repair itself.
Every Dermapen tip is outfitted with 12 needles and features our patented technologies. Accordingly, these safety enhancements can be found in every Dermapen needle tip and pen.
Furthermore, by using microneedling pen technologies, practitioners can deliver their patients the safest microneedling treatment possible, while getting the best microneedling results for their patients.

Here’s a look at how the Dermapen microneedling process is conducted.

Stage 1 – Cleansing
First and foremost, the dead cells, dirt, and dust are removed through deep cleansing. This helps in the effective penetration of the needles into the skin for better treatment.

Stage 2 – Treatment
This is the stage where the microneedling process takes place, which has been explained above. As your skin is penetrated, it pumps and thickens, thereby reducing the appearance of those scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc.

Stage 3 – Masking
After getting treated, a cooling mask is put on your skin to inhibit any sort of inflammation that you might feel from the treatment.

Stage 4 – Skin Moisturizing
The final stage of this process deals with skin moisturizing. It is very important to keep the skin hydrated to reap the maximum benefit from the process.

Is Dermapen Microneedling Safe?
As stated above, Dermapen Microneedling is one of the most trusted facial skin treatments in the world today. It has been designed to provide more targeted results when compared to other microneedling treatments.

The patent-pending microneedling tip of Dermapen comes in sterilized individual packages that are easily replaceable. This means that there are absolutely no chances of getting infected by others as the needles are replaced every time for a new patient.

Also, the device can be personalized based on individual needs. The 11 stainless steel needles, which are loaded into the spring automated device can be adjusted from 0.25-2.50 ml, depending upon which area of your face needs treatment. This ensures that the punctures made by the needles are precise, effective, and safe.

Instead of entering at a specified angle, the Dermapen needles are injected vertically for ensuring less damage to the skin’s surface as well as less overall discomfort.

Dermapen microneedling can be applied to people of varied skin types. However, if you have a history of skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, then it is advised not to undergo this treatment. Pregnant women should avoid this treatment as well. Other than that, you are good to go.

Having said all of these, we must tell you that you should be cautious of where you get this treatment since it is an extremely meticulous process and should be supervised by certified medical personnel at reputed medical institutions only.

Dermapen microneedling has minimalistic post-treatment requirements. Some patients may experience minor redness, flaking, or itching, but this is pretty natural and should disappear within a few days.

We advise you not to apply make-up for the first 24 hours after the treatment and use only oil-free make-up for a couple of days after the 24-hours window. We also recommend you avoid intense cardio exercises, steam, and sauna sessions 48 hours before and after the treatment.

Final Thoughts
Your face is the most visible portion of your body, which means having a healthy, clear facial appearance is crucial. If the skin of your face is marred with issues of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, acne, dark spots, among others, then it affects your overall look.

Although several facial dermatological treatments are available in the market, none can match the effectiveness of Dermapen Microneedling. This scientific tool addresses your skin issues from deep within, leaving you with a smoother, thicker, and younger-looking skin. This is the world’s leading technology in aesthetics innovation and skin rejuvenation.

So, get an appointment at our dermatology clinic, talk to our residential skin experts, get a proper diagnosis, and experience the ultra-modern, safe, and effective treatment of Dermapen Microneedling because your skin deserves better!