PRP With DermaPen – Dermapen Microneedling Treatment

DermaPen Treatment – PRP
Safer and more effective in piercing the skin than traditional skin needling rollers
Has a superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation
Multi-speed and adjustable needle depth
Highest effectiveness
Effectively treat hard-to-reach places
Promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction

PRP + DermaPen Micro-needling is used for Collagen Induction Therapy

PRP is placed on top of the skin and DermaPen micro-needling rejuvenates and regenerates larger areas (fine wrinkles, under eye circles, forehead, hands, chest, and skin pigment problems). Micro-needling is a new way to make collagen. Dermapen disperses PRP into the Epidermis and Dermis which allows for a larger coverage area. PRP + DermaPen is unique, safe, and no other anti-aging procedure offers an entire face regenerative approach with ONE VISIT.

Ideal applications:
1. Entire face including Under Eye areas such as Dark Circles
PRP with Dermapen treats dark circles and pigment changes. Fillers and even expensive face lifts are less effective. The skin changes under the sensitive eye areas are due to thinning of collagen. It is dangerous to inject manufactured fillers in those areas. Adverse reactions such as blindness, bluish skin, lumps, sinus damage, and even brain infections may result.
2. Pigment and Skin Discoloration for Face and Entire Body
3. Scarring
4. All Over Glow
5. Chest and Neck Wrinkles, Pigment Changes, and Fine Wrinkles

The process called Collagen Induction Therapy is used to improve:
• Texture and tone
• Surface scarring
• Fine wrinkles

Not all micro-needling devices are equal. Some are dangerous and others are ineffective. Doctors still continue to use Eclipse Micropen. Eclipse Micropen was pulled off the market in 2016 after the concern of Eclipse damaging vessels and nerves. It’s not longer allows to be sold in the US!
FDA warns Eclipse Aesthetics on MicroPen Personal Dermabrasion Device

* Our Dermapen is the best on the market. It is the only safe option.

Vampire Facial – PRP with Microneedling using Dermapen

The addition of PRP essentially supercharges the healing and collagen production process. After DermaPen has made microchannels, Dr. Anderson applies the PRP, which has been drawn from your own blood and centrifuged prior to the procedure. The combination of micro needling and PRP stimulates new collagen, increase blood flow, decrease scars, refine pores, decrease pigment irregularity, and give a healthy glow.

Face Lift – Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) PRP Dermal Fillers “Vampire Face Lift”

PRP cellular Fibrin Matrix with Growth Factors provides blood flow stimulators to the injured area and stem cells are injected into scar tissue to rebuild collagen, break down adhesions, and increase circulation to injured area which promotes healing.

Regenerate and restore! All natural, safer alternative to other fillers. The Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix “Vampire Facelift” technique is your body’s dermal filler rich with skin growth factors and stem cells.The PRP dermal filler is developed from the patient’s own blood on the day of the procedure and is injected IN THE SAME TECHNIQUE as manufactured fillers into the problem areas. The PRP filler repairs and regenerates skin laxity, wrinkles, uneven pigment, scars which manufactured fillers do not do. PRP contains growth factors for fibroblasts (skin), vascular endothelial (blood supply), epidermal (skin), and stem cells (tissue making cells). This stimulates skin to regenerate. PRP is from your own body, so rejection is almost nil. PRP has a smooth consistency, no lumpiness, no formulation of hard granulomas, no blue blobs on skin, no migration of hard substance on face, no blocking arteries and no causing of a stroke.

Traditional fillers can cause the following: lumps (common), Tyndall effect (blue discoloration skin), rejection, allergic reaction, blindness, migration of filler causing deformities, granulomas. The benefits of fillers last a few months. When there are problems with fillers, it may be irreversible.

‘Vampire Face-Lift’ Uses Patient’s Blood to Smooth Out Wrinkles – ABC News

Why do PRP Face Lift with Fibrin Matrix?
A PRP treatment for facelift is a good option for individuals who want to fill in wrinkles as well as sunken parts of the face or add volume without the use of artificial fillers. PRP facelift technology is known also as Selphyl. It is used for glabellar lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, smile lines, forehead lines and vertical lip lines “smokers lines”.

Why Choose PRP FaceLift or PRP + DermaPen over Surgical Facelift?
Facelift Surgical $6,000-$15,000; PRP averages around $1000/procedure.
Surgery – Down Time 1-2 weeks. PRP can go to work same day.
Surgery Pain High. PRP Minimal.
Additional costs including surgery suite, anesthesia, overnight hospital stay, and a required driver are added costs and inconveniences in comparison to the minimally invasive PRP procedures.
Facelift surgical risks include infection, disfigurement, nerve damage, permanent hair loss, skin flap necrosis, parotid gland pseudocyst, significant pain, risk of rejection and other wound healing problems.

Surgical Facelife vs. PRP, What does it Treat?

Dark Circles – Surgical – NO! PRP – YES!
Skin Discoloration – Surgery Causes Scars – NO! PRP – YES!
Skin Discoloration Surgery – NO! PRP – YES!

Contraindications to Procedures
Heavy Smokers, alcoholics, people with poor nutrition may have limited benefit. Individuals with sepsis, platelet problems, chemotherapy (cancer), severe liver problems, HIV, and hepatitis are not a candidate. Dr. Anderson will determine whether or not it’s a safe therapy for an individual. It is thus extremely important that you fully disclose all of their medical conditions so she can make a safe recommendation regarding treatment.

How many Treatments?
PRP Increases collagen production, decreases pigment irregularity, decreases or eliminates dark circles, fills in wrinkles by producing collagen and increasing blood supply. Makes healthier tissue from inside out. Many people who opt to undergo PRP therapy may require between two and three treatments. The amount of treatments depend on the original damage to the tissue, area of treatment, and desired outcome. The results from a PRP procedure have a longer lasting effect and promote healing the safe and natural way. Individuals interested in getting multiple injections can do so safely and as often as needed.