How Does The Microneedling Pen Work?

For patients who are looking for improvements for their skin, a microneedling session has become one of the most popular ways to manage it. This simple non-invasive treatment can treat a wide range of skin conditions like enlarged pores, acne scars, and even mild to moderate wrinkles. It doesn’t discriminate against skin type or skin tone, and it can also be used as a primary or secondary method for collagen induction therapy.

But how exactly does the micro needling pen – and microneedling in general – work? Microneedling therapy works by encouraging the skin’s collagen production via needle pricks, with consistent treatments generating smoother and firmer skin. Deep scars, facial scars, and uneven skin texture can be corrected with consistent treatment.

The Basics Of The Microneedling Pen

Microneedling tools aren’t limited to the microneedling pen: there are plenty of professional microneedling devices that skin professionals and at-home microneedling users can choose from. The microneedling pen happens to be the most common form of microneedling treatment available, next to the derma pen and derma rollers.

The microneedling pen is a thin handheld device that uses a bunch of needles to prick the top layer of skin. This process creates tiny micro-injuries on the skin that the body repairs with additional collagen, promoting increased cell regrowth, skin regeneration, and hair growth.

With repeat treatments, microneedling can address problems like uneven skin tone, dry skin, wrinkle formation, and other signs of facial aging. For the uninitiated, the idea of damaging skin to get smoother skin must seem strange – but with proper use, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can make significant, long-term improvements to a patient’s face.

Microneedling pens have become significantly more popular since they’ve branched out to at-home kits that anyone can use, with dermal rollers a close second. For many people who want to use the body’s natural healing process with skincare products in their skincare routine, microneedling pens are an effective procedure that can give patients the results that they want.

The Benefits Of Microneedling Facial Treatment
Microneedling may not be an intense treatment like dermablading or other similar skin tightening treatments, but there’s still a lot of merit for using it consistently. Here are some of the microneedling benefits that any patient can enjoy with proper use:

Lowered Costs Of Skincare Routine

Microneedling is an attractive option for anyone who wants to manage a skin condition like acne scars or to improve their skin without a cosmetic procedure like plastic surgery. As the only purchase needed is the microneedling pen itself (plus replacement cartridges or needle heads if needed), there’s relatively little cost associated with microneedling.

These costs can be even more apparent with long-term microneedling, as a user only needs to properly maintain and take care of their microneedling pen to continue enjoying its benefits. Premium models even have speed levels and adjustable needle depth that users can program for their comfort, avoiding any pain during treatment.

Effective Results With In-Clinic Applications

While a patient can still get some improvements for their skin with microneedling treatments at home, having a skincare expert apply it can give them far superior results. Since the micro-wounds caused by microneedling treatments can be extremely difficult for sensitive skin, a professional can apply the microneedling pen with far more efficiency for better results.

In-clinic applications also have the added benefit of having the support of a trained medical professional if things go wrong. Microneedling by itself isn’t risky, but there are still some side effects and aftercare that need to be followed to ensure the patient has the best outcome possible.

Convenience With Easy Treatment

A professional-grade microneedling pen needs a board-certified professional to apply, but at-home microneedling kits are far easier to use for anyone. Even a complete novice can learn to operate their microneedling device with minimal effort, making it extremely accessible for anyone who wants to use it to improve their skin conditions.

In-clinic applications are also easy, though the patient needs to go through more extensive preparations for their microneedling sessions. Having professional help during the procedure can also be convenient for a patient who doesn’t have a lot of experience with skin treatments, since they can consult their provider for more information.

Combination With Other Skin Care Products

Since microneedling works as a physical change to the body, a skin care product like moisturizer can work wonders to keep the skin clean and fresh after treatment. Most aftercare tips will advise that a patient use a gentle cleanser and anti-bacterial cream on the treatment area so it doesn’t get inflamed or infected, with generous amounts of sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all skin care products work well with microneedling treatments. Products that contain harsh chemicals and cleansers like retinol can strain the skin of a treated area, increasing the risk of an active skin infection or other side effects occurring. On the other hand, hydration formulas like hyaluronic acid can function well to help the skin heal faster from the treatment.

These benefits can vary in efficacy and length of results depending on how the patient got their microneedling treatment: in general, microneedling treatments that are done in-clinic last longer and have better results compared to at-home application.

Microneedling Pen vs Dermal Rollers

A derma roller uses the same concept behind the dermapen: by using a roller on the treated area, it encourages cell turnover and the removal of dead or dull skin. Unlike a microneedling pen, derma rollers don’t puncture the skin at all and can be used on almost every part of the body.

However, this design also means that it doesn’t have as strong of an effect as a derma pen or microneedling pen for skin rejuvenation. At most, someone using a derma roller can get brighter or smoother skin, but it’s far less effective at managing conditions like the appearance of wrinkles or cleaning up after active acne scars.

In addition, the “roller” design generally makes these tools difficult to use on the face, since they require a relatively wide and flat surface to roll on. While it’s still possible for a patient to use them on areas like the cheeks and forehead, it’s better designed for areas like the thighs or abdominal area.

Overall, a microneedling pen outperforms a dermal roller in most situations, though people who have sensitive skin can always opt for a dermal roller to avoid any pain during treatment.

Microneedling works differently from other skin tightening and rejuvenation treatments like dermal filler, but it’s also one of the easiest skin care routines a person can use, even if they have a busy schedule. Proper use of a microneedling device can help manage anything from an acne breakout to removing dead skin cells – all with

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