What Needle Size Is Needed for Dr. Pen Derma Pens?

The Dr. Pen line of derma pens has rapidly risen as the most popular choice for microneedling procedures at home. For anyone looking for their own skin rejuvenation treatments, correcting uneven skin tone, or getting the benefits of a microneedling session at home, getting a Dr. Pen is an excellent first step to getting better skin. However, this is only possible if the user understands the best way to use their Dr. Pen to get the results that they want – and this involves understanding the minute details, like what the single microneedle cartridge does on the derma pen.

So what needle size is needed for Dr. Pen derma pens? It usually refers to the nanoneedle size used in nano-needling treatments, which can help the skin absorb active ingredients of skin care products easier. Combined with the adjustable speeds of the device, this makes any Dr. Pen derma pen an effective tool to increase the efficacy of skincare products, no matter the person’s skin type.

What Exactly Is Nano-Needling?

Nano-needling refers to the process of using a 1mm needle cartridge on a microneedling pen instead of the usual 1 mm to 2.5mm. 1 mm needles (or nanoneedles for Dr. Pen products) only penetrate the surface level of the skin, avoiding the deeper layers like the dermis underneath. A needle cartridge of this size is usually the smallest that a person can find with their Dr. Pen cartridges, and can be easy to ignore since it’s explicitly not suited for the treatment of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, or stretch marks.

However, the 1 microneedle cartridge has an important role in Dr. Pen derma pens – they’re the only needle sizes that can penetrate the skin just deep enough to create micro-injuries and channels on the surface. Even at higher speeds and deeper needle depths, this isn’t enough for encouraging collagen production – though it does serve a more important role by allowing the quick delivery of skincare products to the body without pain.

1mm needles excel at creating the small channels in the skin that increase its product absorption, which works well in combination with products like skincare serums, anti-aging cream, and moisturizing lotions. Since the device isn’t penetrating the needles or using particularly high speeds, a user can benefit from nano-needling more frequently compared to actual microneedling.

Alternatively, nanoneedles can also work to correct uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation, though significant adjustments in the speeds of the Dr. Pen device are needed to get these desired results. It’s important to note that doing this can increase the levels of pain that the skin can experience during treatment, and so should only be done at the advice of a medical professional.

Why Use Nano-Needling Cartridges Over Other Needle Sizes?

While the 12-pin and 36-pin cartridges work well on the face and body respectively, there are significant benefits to sticking with the nanoneedle cartridge for Dr. Pen. Here are a few:

1. Nano-Needling Is Less Traumatic on the Skin

Since the needle depth of nanoneedles doesn’t penetrate the skin too deeply, it’s the perfect length for people who have sensitive skin that would otherwise not benefit from microneedling treatments. A microneedling pen will often have several needle depth and needle size options to pick from, but the Dr. Pen line of pens have specific support for nanoneedle heads, which allows them more consistent results.

Nano needling is also a great way to experience the benefits of skin rejuvenation treatment for people who may not have experience with using a microneedling pen. Since it can help encourage the production of collagen (under the right conditions) without the need for extended healing time, it’s a great method for people who want a medical device that can improve their skin without experiencing too much pain.

2. Nano-Needling Pairs Well With Other Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

One particular reason why so many people use a microneedling pen at home is that it integrates well with their existing beauty regimens. This is especially true in the case of hair growth, since microneedling may have an effect on scalp health and overall hair density. However, this can only be managed by applying the right skincare products like PEP Growth Factor, which the nano micro – needle mode is perfectly suited for.

Since this needle function can create channels in the scalp that can absorb hair care products more efficiently, users can expect better results for their hair growth with consistent application. Larger needles can’t replicate this effect since they’ll trigger the collagen production more than the product absorption, with the additional caveat of the scalp being extremely sensitive towards potential infection.

3. Nano-Needling Pairs With Most Skincare Products

With the use of nanoneedles, the absorbency of skin can drastically increase, even if the user has a darker skin type. Most microneedling products are used in combination with skincare or cosmetic treatment that boosts the efficacy of the microneedling product, and Dr. Pen is no exception. By adjusting the speed levels of the needle and careful use of the derma pen, users can deliver their skincare products directly to the body.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are specific products that should be used after a derma pen treatment, like cleansers and hyaluronic acids. Compounds and products to avoid usually include exfoliants like retinol, strong ingredients like vitamin C, or anything scented. This is because the microneedling process leaves the surface of the skin weakened, even if a nanoneedle head was used.

4. Nano-Needling Is Easier With Dr. Pen Derma Pens

Nano-needling isn’t a new addition to the microneedling process – many brands and practices have already experimented with the possibilities of microneedle therapy and treatment with adjustment of needle length, changing needle speeds, or creating better delivery systems for skincare products. However, the Dr. Pen line of derma pens has specific support for the nanoneedle function, allowing users to get better results even if they aren’t used to handling a microneedle pen.

Particularly noteworthy products in the Dr. Pen line include the Pen Ultima N2/M5/M7 line, and the Pen Ultima A7. These are fully compatible with the 1mm nanoneedle heads, which gives each derma pen a wide array of uses aside from treating facial acne scars or stretch marks.

Nano-needling may make less visible differences compared to bigger needles, but the boost in the natural healing process and the increased efficacy of absorbing skincare products make it an indispensable part of Dr. Pen’s derma pens.

Are There Situations Where the Nanoneedle Isn’t the Best Choice?

Aside from people with sensitive skin, nanoneedles are excellent for people who want to use their derma pen for correcting uneven skin tone. However, that’s about the limit of how useful the nanoneedle heads can be – for other applications, bigger needle sizes are required.

12-pin needles are best used on the face since there isn’t a lot of pain with the number of needles in the needle head.
36-pin needles are suitable for the body since they have enough needles to get the collagen production started for wider areas.
In most cases, switching needle heads depending on where the derma pen is going to be used is more than enough to get the best result, especially for treating scarring and increasing elastin production. However, users should keep in mind if they have a medical condition like eczema or psoriasis since using derma pens can make these conditions worse.

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With the variety of options available for use with the Dr. Pen line of derma pens, it’s equally important to have the right needles and cartridges in supply for successful treatment. This is especially crucial for the nano-needling attachments that can be used more frequently compared to the 12-pin and 36-pin heads which are used for microneedling areas like the skin and face. By having a supply of needles and cartridges on hand, users are better able to take advantage of all the other benefits of the Dr. Pen derma pen, like adjustable speeds and needle depth.

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