HYDRA Needle | 20 Gold Tips Derma Stamp

If you have serums at home that aren’t working for you, you need this tool. This device is used by dermatologists to increase how much serum you absorb by 80%. With it, you can safely and effectively treat wrinkles, discolouration and acne scars fast from home.

There are various tools used by both cosmetic practices and DIY users to perform microneedling, but the Hydra Needle offers something more. Compared to other microneedling devices like the derma roller, derma pen, and other related products that puncture microchannels in the skin to trigger its natural healing response, Hydra Needle units are fitted with 20 microneedles and an applicator vial for up to 5 milliliters of fluid.

After adding a topical serum of your choice, the unit can dispense serums into the microchannels as soon as they’re formed in the skin. This allows you to infuse the skin with beneficial serums that can penetrate more deeply, thus providing the patient with an extra dimension to their microneedling experience.
Our Hydra Needle products also come with different needle sizes, which can provide different results based on how deep the needles puncture the skin.

Hydra Needles can be used by professionals and everyday users at home. However, DIY users shouldn’t use any microneedling device with a needle length longer than 2 millimeters.

Before use, make sure that your face or your client’s face is properly sterilized. Don’t use Hydra Needles or any other microneedling devices on patients with active skin infections or open facial wounds.

Fill the Hydra Needle’s applicator vial with your serum of choice. The vial can hold up to 5mL of liquid. We recommend serums with thinner consistencies, as very thick serums can’t dispense properly during treatment.