Derma Roller System 80 Pins With 0.5MM 1MM 1.5MM Titanium Needle Stamp Pen Roller For Face Skin Hair Growth 20 Pieces

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2.5mm/3.0mm remove wrinkles, body extension scars and burning scars
2.0mm remove small injury scars, wrinkles around the eyes and acne scars
1.00mm/1.5mm remove wrinkles and pigmentations on the skin
0.5mm/0.75mm help build beautiful & healthy skin, and prevent hair loss
0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm perfect for cosmetics application


Name 80pin titanium needle derma stamp
Needle Number 80pin
Needle Material titanium needle
Needle Length 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm
Usage Scenario Home use / Clinical use/ Physician use

Scar Removal
Hair Restoration
Cellulite Treatment
Anti Ageing /Wrinkle
Hyper Pigmentation Treatment
Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Product Description:
Dermastamp has 80 TITANIUM needles. The dermastamping area is as lager as the fingertip. It is an ideal microneedling tool for treating isolated scars as well as other areas which are difficult to reach. This includes areas like the one between the eyebrows and the deep lines surrounding the lips. Dermastamp arrives in a nice box – the tool itself is securely packed inside a plastic tube. The needles are also secured to a special gap – so it’s really convenient to store the stamp in your cosmetics bag or make-up drawer.

Derma stamp works by simply stamping the head full of safe and effective micro needles onto your skin. The micro-channel needles penetrate right into the dermis or the middle layer of your skin to kick-start collagen production. When the needle tears the dermis, collagen is formed to repair and rebuild the tissues,forming a fresh new layer. Derma stamping creates very precise and uniform micro “injuries” on the skin’s top surfaces, triggering the body to respond by healing the treated areas quickly and efficiently.

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0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, Mixed By Remark


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