Dr. Pen A7 Cartridges Tips 12 Pins x 50pcs



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Dr. Pen A7 Cartridges Tips 12 Pins



DR PEN A7 mesotherapy cartridge
DR PEN ULTIMA A7 devices Cartridges is new sterile packed with the current expiry date.
12 pins are used to remove scars, acne, stretch marks and nourish the skin.
36 pins are used to remove wrinkles, spots (discoloration), bleaching, watering, nourishing, rejuvenating skin
42 stain removal, acne repair, chickenpox, skin rejuvenation, pore shrinking
Nano cartridges are used to remove redness and nourish the skin and to inject active substances into the skin (Meso BB Glow/Glam and others).

How does Dr. Pen Ultima A7 Microneedling Pen Cartridges work?
The tip with needles is sterilely packed, the needles are able to puncture the appropriate skin surface (décolletage, neck, face) and are blunt, they are designed for one person only. Thanks to this solution, the treatment is very sterile and safe, we avoid 100% risk of transmission of bacterial flora. The applicator is perfectly adapted to surface work, thanks to its round shape we can work by pricking the entire surface of the epidermis or individual lines of wrinkles. Micro-puncture takes place at a safe depth and does not affect the circulatory system, so treatments can be performed not only by aesthetic medicine clinics.

Advantages of the treatment procedure:
– no risk of skin damage caused by heat
– it is a typically mechanical method, there is no current action directly on the epidermis
-short time of intensive stimulation (about 10 minutes)

– reduction of mimic wrinkles – stimulation of collagen and elastin production
– immediate transport of active ingredients deep into the skin
– complete restoration of all skin functions
– improvement of self-repair processes of the skin (tissue healing after micro-punctures)
– skin regeneration with its own cell division
– improvement of the facial oval
– improving skin elasticity


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