Hydra Pen

Hydra Pen is a new device for fractional mesotherapy treatment. In fact it renews the skin inside and outside. It also combines the functions of microdermabrasion and mesotherapy. Hydra Pen microneedles produce microdamage to the epidermis. It leads to the production of collagen and elastin and enhances cellular renewal. The needles form channels in skin, which provides penetration of more than 80% of product into skin.With the regular application, it only absorbs 3-5% of the product. This nourishes the skin cells with the necessary substances for its beauty.

Hydra Pen in combination with well-chosen cosmetics can improve skin tone. It help get rid of pigmentation, shrink skin pores and stop hair loss (baldness). Hydra Pen helps to cope with a variety of skin problems. The usage of Hydra Pen is effective in the treatment of wrinkles, scars, post-acne and stretch marks. During the procedure, it form channels on skin, which provides penetration of cosmetic products by 80%. After recovery, the result of the procedure lasts for a long time.

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