LED Facial Neck Mask – 7 Color LED light Therapy face Beauty Machine

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7 Color LED light Therapy face Beauty Machine LED Facial Neck Mask With Microcurrent for skin whitening device DHL free shipment

What is the skin led mask?
The facial led facial mask is the use of specific wavelengths of light which give off energy that are used in many applications,this is known as photon therapy. LED stand for light emitting diode, diodes give off energy in the form of light, powerful, bright, efficient, and are used to kill the bacteria that cause spots,and reduce inflammation and provide ageneral rejuvenation effect on the skin.

What does the acne light mask can do for you?
1. Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples
2. Great alternative to oral medications
3. Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation
4. Repair and nurse the damaged skin
5. Minimize scarring
6. Improve pigmentary pathological changes,such as freckle,sunburn,senile plaques.
7. Photon led mask is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments

1.Easy to operate with full touch screen (3 programs included).
2. Maximum Power Control Program -15 minutes
3. Smart design to place the handles on the case.
4. Non invasive treatment and totally safe.
5. Frequency adjustable on the screen to re-adjust the handle.
6. Electro stimulation treatment Included.

Led Numbers 192 pcs(face 138 pcs,neck 54 pcs)
7 Colors red,blue,green,yellow,purple,clear blue,laser white
Body Color white
Body material PC+ABS
Package contain 1 mask+1 controller+1 user manual+1 Adapter
Adapter US/EU/UK/AU available
Input Voltage 100-240V


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