Dermapen Micro Needling | Microneedling System | Skin Pen

Micro needling with the Dermapen is a very safe, and effective alternative to injectables and laser treatments. The results are long term and the recovery time is minimal. This cost effective, non-invasive, non-injectable skin rejuvenation treatment targets a diverse range of skin concerns. The Dermapen itself is a micro needling device that uses microscopic needles between 0.25mm and 2mm. There is very little discomfort with the treatment but to eliminate sensation a topical anaesthetic is applied to the skin prior.
Once the treatment is complete the skin may be slightly pink for about 24 hours and it is recommended that no makeup be worn for 12 hours following.
Results are seen as quickly as one treatment and improvements will be see for 6-8 post treatment.

How does dermapen micro-needling work?

Like traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy, dermapen micro-needling works by puncturing the top layer of skin to promote healing. Unlike acupuncture, the aim of micro-needling is to improve the appearance of skin, rather than reduce any pain.

A dermapen consists of 12 needles which are used to pierce the skin. The pen is held vertically over the skin and once the pen is in the right position, a small motor will be turned on inside the pen which causes the needles to penetrate the skin by moving back and forth rapidly. Due to their special design, the needles slightly rotate and effectively open up pores and puncture the top layer of skin.

It is important that the pen pierces the skin as this is what triggers skin rejuvenation. When an individual cuts or hurts themselves, the skin will repair itself by generating collagen and elastin, which stimulates growth. Applying this same principle to dermapen micro-needling, the skin will increase elastin and collagen production to treat the pierced skin. To a certain extent, micro-needling tricks the skin into healing itself, leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

What are the benefits of dermapen micro-needling?

Here are a few of the benefits associated with Dermapen skin needling treatments:
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Minimise the appearance of scars
Improves pigmentation and melasma
Improves stretch marks
Quick and painless procedure
Minimal after effects
No downtime
Subtle Results

What is dermapen micro-needling able to treat?

Dermapen micro-needling is most commonly used on the face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but can also be used to treat common skin problems such as stretch marks and scars on different areas of the body.

Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons to get a dermapen treatment

• To reduce the appearance of a scar: After the skin heals a wound and forms a scar, the body acts as though the area has been returned to normal. Dermapen micro-needling can puncture the scar tissue and stimulate the skin to replace the damaged skin with new, unscarred skin.
• To reduce the appearance of stretch marks: Like scarring, the body does not treat stretch marks as something that needs to be healed. Dermapen micro-needling over stretch marks can initiate healing and promote the growth of new skin.
• To minimise fine lines and wrinkles: The elastin and collagen induction, caused by wounding the skin with a dermapen causes skin to tighten and thicken, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermapen micro-needling can, therefore, be considered an anti-aging treatment.


As we age, our bodies naturally start producing less collagen and elastin. This can start as early as 20 years of age, resulting in the development of fine lines and wrinkles over time. In addition to this, sun exposure and hormones can result in pigmentation, melasma and uneven skin texture. It can also become more difficult for scarring to heal the older we get.

Dermapen Micro Needling A6 is an innovative, advanced micro needling technology that is capable of treating a number of different skin conditions. It is also capable of rejuvenating the skin and reversing some of the common signs of ageing. Skin needling treatments that incorporate Dermapen 4 can address scarring including acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, enlarged pores and stretch marks.

Dermapen Micro Needling A6 has minimal after effects and requires little to no downtime. It is also suitable for a number of areas of the face and body, including the eye area, cheeks, lips, neck, chest and hands.

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